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Helpful in Website Revenue Generation

Besides high quality work in PPC and quality SEO backlinks, we have found that Bear Fox guidance was particularly helpful in a wide range of issues affecting web site loading time, 404 redirects, dead links, and many other aspects of effective web site activity.

Stephen Becker
CPG Company Owner

SEO and PPC Efforts Through the Roof!

Bear Fox Marketing is a breath of fresh air in a world of full of stale ideas and bloated agency bureaucracy!  We began working with Bear Fox Marketing in the fall of 2017 after having parted ways with a big firm that left us feeling like a nothing more than a monthly paycheck. From the get-go, I knew our experience with Bear Fox would be different.  Bear and Glen worked to understand the nuances of our business, provided a detailed analysis and road map for growth, and have implemented the plan flawlessly. They have become valued strategic partners and an integral part of our long-term growth strategy. Organic traffic is through the roof and targeted PPC campaigns are providing stable and consistent revenue and new customer acquisition. We could not be happier with the results, the professionalism, and the attention to detail that’s built in to every interaction.

Deven Davis
Roma Designer Jewelry

Highly Recommend

The Bear Fox Marketing team has managed SEO and PPC efforts for PetIQ since December 2016. With a similar budget from the previous two years and after six months of work, our overall website traffic was 4x higher than the previous year, which helped drive revenue to our retail partners (e.g. Costco, Walmart, and Petco).  Organic sessions from Bear Fox Marketing’s SEO efforts were up 5x! After seeing these results, we increased our investment with Bear Fox and continue to be pleased with results.  PetIQ considers Bear Fox Marketing a valuable partner in continuing to help our company grow profitably.

Scott Adcock
President, PetIQ

Wish We Would Have Used Bear Fox Sooner

They came highly recommended from a successful company, so after a year of interviewing them, we moved all our work to them. My biggest regret is that I waited so long. We are so pleased that we moved our SEO and SEM to Bear Fox. They have exceeded expectations in a short period of time. They are very responsive, honest, and great at communicating with my marketing team on strategy, and very resourceful. This is a very high quality group of people.

Vince Covino, CEO
SeaQuest Interactive Aquariums

Off the Charts!

Bear Fox Marketing is off the charts good. They take customer service to the next level when it comes to knowing and understanding SEO and online marketing tactics.  have had the opportunity to both work with and observe Bear Newman, one of the key executives for this company for the past year.  He is truly one of the most integrity filled and hard working guys you could ever meet. He completed knows his business and is so kind and caring to clients both in the way you are treated and the way he handles your business. He is smart, well read and I can’t say enough good things for his work and professionalism.  Recently, I have gotten to know Glen Moore, another key executive and he is smart, well spoken, and knows product branding.  Bear Fox Marketing is far above the crowd in their area of expertise.

Maryanna Y.
Aloha Publishing

Bear Fox Marketing has been great to work with.

We were stuck on the second page for about 3 years. We had tried to do SEO ourselves but never had time or knowhow to really get the job done. After seeing what needed to be done we started our SEO project in June and by December we were in the number 1 spot for our main keyword term. By being number 1 we were able to double the traffic to our website and we have been able to increase our conversions on our website.

Kim – CEO
Practical Planning Solutions

See Long-Term Business Relationship

With over 20 years of Internet development and marketing experience, I have worked with my share of professionals across every industry.  I would number the Bear Fox Marketing Team as some of the best I have seen.  They understand what it takes to build quality site traffic right out of the gate.  Most companies will try to add their own spin to the process, but with Bear Fox it was a solid analytical approach to success.  We saw an immediate return on our marketing investment via PPC campaign, while watching the organic growth steadily rise.  I would highly recommend Bear Fox for any future project and look forward to continuing to work with them and build long, prosperous relationship.

Ryan Riley

Bear Fox Marketing went the extra mile!

I did quite a bit of research to determine whether SEO work was even still a worthwhile investment these days as there were plenty of voices saying it didn’t work anymore. So, when I decided to take a shot at it and hired Bear Fox Marketing whom I had known for several years and knew to be an honest company as well as being highly recommended from people I trusted. Bear Fox Marketing went the extra mile at first doing a significantly more detailed analysis than their competitors. They were also more willing to be open with me about the specifics of what they would do vs. the ambiguous answers I received from others as to where my investment was being spent. Within the first 45-60 days we were already seeing positive results and have continued to move up in our keyword phrases to the present day, now about 6 months on one website and 3 months on another. There are many so professed SEO Experts out there but there are few that actually deliver. I think Bear Fox Marketing is one of those!

Jeff Stewart – CEO
Stewart Realty, LLC

Bear Fox Marketing Rocks!!!

Their internet marketing expertise is exceptional. I recommend them to anyone looking to improve or establish an online presence. After redesigning our site we saw a huge drop in traffic. Bear Fox Marketing was able to restore the structure of our site, reestablish our previous traffic levels within days and they increased our conversion rates by 400%!

Trent Leavitt – CEO
Decipher Forensics

Help Businesses Win

Unlike most internet marketing companies, Bear Fox Marketing understands that a business website needs to generate revenue, not just traffic. Their services have been an essential part of maximizing our website exposure and company profits.

Enjoyit, LLC

Quick Response Time and Great Work

We’ve been using Bear Fox Marketing for my company’s SEO needs since they launched. I am incredibly impressed with both Bear and Glen’s dedication to helping their clients. The agency also has a vital characteristic: a fast response time. It’s always a relief when I have a time sensitive issue and I know that I can count on Bear Fox to assist in a timely manner.We have really enjoyed working with Bear Fox Marketing. They have been instrumental in helping us build our online presence and improve website conversions. I highly recommend them.

Brianna McClane Griff, Director of Markteing

Highly Recommend

We have really enjoyed working with Bear Fox Marketing. They have been instrumental in helping us build our online presence and improve website conversions. I highly recommend them.

Brian Ellsworth – CEO
Gemtek Pest Control

Bear Fox Marketing