Our Work

With decades of experience, we’re proud of our work and believe it speaks for itself.

We’ve partnered with dozens of companies, from small independently owned start-ups to large multi-nationals. Here’s a list of clients with whom we’ve done businesses and a sample of recent work.

Increased Website Traffic by 160% in 6 months

Craft Town


Craft Town is an established craft and knitting online publisher that relies heavily on website traffic to their website to capture revenue for the company. With heavy competition from established companies like Martha Stewart that have teams of copywriters and marketing specialists to distribute content online, Craft Town found it difficult to get exposure for their company through consumer search engines like Google and Bing.


Bear Fox Marketing audited the current online business for Craft Town and identified opportunities where the company could win. Craft Town wisely invested in SEO with Bear Fox and in less than 6 months, Craft Town more than doubled the traffic to their website.

422% increase in organic website traffic



PetIQ is a rapidly growing company that sells prescription medication, over-the-counter flea and tick products, and healthy treats for dogs and cats. The company’s products are exclusively sold through traditional retailers like Walmart, Costco and Petco. Over the past few years, PetIQ has received “Supplier of the Year” distinctions and is recognized as a growth leader in the industry. In order to support its business at retail, PetIQ had consistently invested in SEO. 80% of PetIQ consumers research products online before they purchase at retail stores, so it was important for PetIQ to efficiently capture that search traffic, educate them about their products, and point them to a retail partner to drive trial and repeat purchase. By the end of 2016, PetIQ had employed two different digital marketing agencies to manage the search engine optimization (SEO) of eight PetIQ brands. During this time, PetIQ saw modest improvements in site traffic.


In December 2016, PetIQ brought in Bear Fox Marketing to assume management of SEO responsibilities. Working with PetIQ, Bear Fox Marketing re-prioritized the business, shifted budgets, and initiated a winning SEO strategy. Just four months after the switch to Bear Fox Marketing and with the same monthly budget as before, the combined traffic from PetIQ brands was up 374% from the previous year. Organic SEO traffic was up 422%. Bear Fox Marketing also assumed the PPC efforts for PetIQ. Again with no changes to budget, conversions from PPC efforts increased 35% from the prior year and overall cost per acquisition (CPA) was down 38%. Bear Fox Marketing PPC efforts were able to drive more customers to their retail partners and to do so at a lower cost. Bear Fox Marketing values it’s relationship with partners like PetIQ that recognize the value of SEO and PPC, but more importantly understand the value of not only improving site rankings, but driving company revenue and margin.

Increased Sales 300% with 40% spend reduction

Gemtek Pest Control


Gemtek is the largest independently owned pest control company in Idaho. In an effort capture revenue from customers online, Gemtek had been trying for over 2 years to put a profitable and productive digital media campaign in place. During this time, they had tried several digital marketing agencies but were not pleased with progress.


Bear Fox Marketing assumed the business and within 3 weeks, the Google Adwords campaign for Gemtek had been optimized so that website sales conversion from Gemtek’s website improved by 300% with a lower budget than before. Over the next several years Bear Fox Marketing continued to monitor and improve Gemtek’s organic rankings and their Google Adword ad spend. Having experienced increased company revenue from digital marketing efforts, Gemtek reallocated their marketing spend – divesting from some more traditional marketing efforts for their pest control services, and investing almost entirely on digital marketing support by 2016.

Recovered lost traffic from new website design

Decipher Forensics


Looking to improve their website conversions, Decipher Forensics did what most companies do, they hire a designer to overhaul and improve the layout of their website. The site made visual improvements, but unfortunately, with the changes, Decipher Forensics experienced a large drop in organic traffic to the new website. Bear Fox Marketing was called in to determine the source of the problem and restore the loss in traffic if possible.


Within hours of beginning the investigation, the source of the lost traffic was identified and the web development team was utilized to make the needed changes. All traffic levels were restored within a week and organic search traffic improved by over 111% in the following few weeks. Additional changes regarding conversion rate were identified and implemented so that they site became a more valuable source of revenue for Decipher Forensics. The company was able to see a 450% increase in the sales conversion rate from their website.

Bear Fox Marketing