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Results Driven SEO

Simply stated, SEO is about getting seen by people who are looking for your product or services from Google, Yahoo and Bing. Google shows your site at the top of a search page because they like and trust you… who wouldn’t?

Why Should You Care About Good SEO?

Easy - We'll give you to reasons:


The long term effects of having solid SEO in place on a website is pretty much undisputed. Some people get frustrated with the unpredictability of Google rankings (we completely understand). However, the visitors that Google sends to you for free can easily equate to hundreds, thousands and even tens of thousands of dollars in “free” traffic. While good SEO isn’t free, we’ve seen countless examples of websites that get more traffic from Google every month than they get from all other sources.

Company Authority

Statistics show that most consumers “Google” a product or service before they buy. They are looking for popular, relevant companies for that product or service. If you’re doing SEO properly, your website will come up #1 with Google across many relevant keyword searches. Your potential customers recognize that. Having organic rank authority can have a huge impact on converting someone from a visitor into a paying customer.

How Our SEO Is Different

At Bear Fox Marketing we believe that good SEO is about Sales and ROI – not just traffic.

You must have sales and not just “traffic” or “rankings” to stay in business! We focus all of our Google friendly SEO strategies to ensure that you are not only getting a good ranking for important keywords, but that you are getting ranking for the BEST keywords that make you sales and bring you customers.

While good SEO can get a bit confusing, it really comes down to two major parts:

Relevancy - If you sell washing machines you aren’t going to rank well for stereo systems.

Popularity - Google only wants to show the best and most trustworthy sites to their users. So the websites that appear the most trusted and popular get the top spot.

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