Pay-Per-Click (PPC) to Drive Revenue

No matter how good your SEO company is, it’s going to take time to get your site visible on the first page for most search terms. SEM, or paid search, is a great way to get immediate results. Bear Fox Marketing experts perform detailed analysis before each campaign is created, and custom design it to meet your specific business needs. It’s not uncommon for businesses to come to us frustrated at the lack of production their previous efforts have yielded with Adwords.

What Will a PPC Campaign Do For You?

  • Strengthen Your SEO Efforts
  • Make short-term goals achievable
  • Complement existing SEO plan by offering immediate results
  • Display visible traffic and get quick conversions

Our team of experts have years of dealing with Adwords accounts and are very proficient at setting campaigns that get the best results without wasting thousands of dollars in the process. We initially cast a wide net and target a long list of relevant keywords, both short and long-tail. We optimize efforts over time to lower conversion costs (cost per acquisition), so that we can help you more efficiently drive company revenue and make the most of each dollar invested. We can also help you re-target previous customers. Estimates show that the cost of acquiring new customers can be as much as 10x more than the cost of maintaining a current customers, we we’ll show you how you can improve your outreach to current customers.

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