Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for Fox Marketing

How long has Bear Fox Marketing been around?

Bear Fox Marketing merged and got a new name March 2017, but the agency been in business since 2011. Our co-founders owned digital marketing agencies previously and have 40 years of combined professional marketing and agency experience. We've helped companies of all sizes grow - from small start-ups to large international firms.

How does digital marketing compare to traditional advertising?

In recent years, digital marketing has become popular - and for good reason. More than 3 out of 4 CMOs and business owners report higher return on investment from digital marketing activities vs. traditional, offline activities. It's not uncommon for the digital marketing efforts we run for our clients to generate 7x return on their investment or more. Yes, there is a place for place for traditional marketing such as TV, radio, and print advertisements. But companies are voting with their marketing dollars and shifting to digital, most notably SEO, content marketing and online performance advertising.

How do I know what marketing is right for my business?

It's always best to work backward from your end goal and craft the best plan for your business. We look at your revenue goals and your desired timeline to produce results. Then we take a closer look at your company and industry to identify the best opportunities appropriate for you. For short-term revenue building activities, you may engage in social media advertising or paid search where you can achieve 5X or better ROI. For the patient, SEO and content marketing are good choices as the ROI from them can be 8x or better. We're 100% transparent as we implement the plan and measure performance over time. This sets you up to win and get the most from the effort.

What ROI should I expect from SEO?

Bear Fox Marketing consistently provides a very high return on investment from our SEO (search engine marketing) and content marketing efforts. Our clients that engage in SEO for over 6 months or more have seen between 5x and 15x return on their investment (ROI). The rules of SEO change continually, so for it to produce long-term ROI for your company, it's important to start with with the right strategy, and then focus on those activities that are highly correlated with building website authority and capturing a high share of relevant, purchase-oriented traffic to build SEO revenue. It's not easy, but done right over time, SEO is hard to beat in terms of ROI. Take a loot at some case studies.

Is SEO a monthly or one-time cost?

You can optimize a website for a one-time cost - this is called "on site optimization". In many cases, our team can get into your site, spend a handful of hours and fix a broken site so that it indexes well with Google and other search engines. However, companies that patiently engage in SEO over time see greater fruit from SEO. If your company is new to SEO or hasn't seen tangible results from it, completing an comprehensive SEO audit is a great place to start. The audit takes about a week to complete. It saves tens of thousands of dollars in costs and months of wasted effort. The audit identifies the nature of the organic traffic you and your competitors own. It provides a laser-focused strategy so that you can target and own the highest value SEO traffic and revenue possible. And, it forecasts how this revenue will be won over time and the effort required to win it.

What results should I expect from performance advertising like Google Ads and Facebook advertising?

When Bear Fox Marketing engages in online advertising for you, our goal is to look for channels that can produce 5x or better return on ad spend (ROAS) for you. What does 5x ROAS mean? It means that if I spend $10,000 advertising, more than $50,000 in sales revenue is generated as a result. We have a strong record for consistently driving 5X ROAS, and when client qualify, we like to tie agency compensation to the performance of your campaign. This puts our skin into the game and lowers your risk. You can read what our clients say on our Reviews page or in our case studies for Facebook or Google Ads.

What's it like working with Bear Fox Marketing?

Bear Fox Marketing is not the typical marketing agency where we throw big parties or spend our work days hanging out or playing ping-pong. We value creativity and enjoy our work, but we value your time as a client. We’re committed to helping you succeed and in showing results so that we earn a place as your trusted long-term partner. We believe that by working hard and smart, good things happen! Learn more about our values

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